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  1. the wealth landed elite that emerged in the early decades of abbasid rule
  2. "charles the great" caroligian monarch who established substantial empire in france and germany
  3. wanted toland; people who fought in the war that if they died they would go straight to heaven
    pope urban II
  4. where serf lived
  5. the social organization created by exchanging grants of lad (fiefs) in return fo rmilitary services
  6. wanted to revieve ancient confucian teaching; stressed imporance of applying philosophical principles to everyday life and action
    zhu xi
  7. tried to booost the economy; confucian scholar and chief minister
    wang anshi
  8. social organization between landlord and their peasent workers; exchanged labor for rent or land access
  9. peasent agriculural labors within the manorial system of the middle ages
  10. fought to regain the holy land back from the muslims
  11. system of agricultural cultivation; they planted two fields and would leave one open so if could regain its neutrients
    three field system
  12. king; converted franks to christianity
  13. (benedict of nursia) told monks how to live
    st. benedict
  14. invaded england; extended tight feudal system to england; established centralized monarchy; established administrative system based of sheriffs
    william the conqueror
  15. great character issued by king john; congirmed feudal rights against monarchial claims; represented priniple of mutal limits
    magna carta
  16. tolteederty, feathered serpant; adoped by aztects as a major god
  17. aztec tribial patron god; central figure of cult of human sacrifice and warfare; identified with old son of god
  18. religious leader and reformer of the toltecs; dedicated to go quetzalcoatl; after losing struggle for power, went into exile in the yucatan peninsula
  19. leading aztec king of the 15th century
  20. member of prominent northern chinese family during period of 6 dynastys, proclamed himself emperor, supported by nomadic people of northern chine; established sui dynasty
  21. 2nd member of sui dynasty; murdered his father to gain throne, restored confucian examination system; responsible for consturction of chinese canal system; assassinate in 618
  22. (duke of tang) minister for yangdi; took over empire following assassination of yangi; 1st empire of tang dynasty; took imperial title of gaozu
    li yan
  23. title given to students who passed the most difficult chinese examination of all of hinese literature; became immediate dignitaries and eligible for high office
  24. emphasized salvationisty aspects of chinese buddhism; popular among masses of chinese society
    pure land buddhism
  25. known as zen in japan; stressed meditation and appreciation of natural and artistic beauty; popular with members of elite chinese society
    chan buddhism
  26. killed her husband so her son could take over the throne
    empress wu
  27. chinese emperor of tang dynasty who openly persecuted buddhism by destroying monasteries in 840s; reduced influence of chinese buddhism in favor of confucian ideology
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