TH 1801

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  1. 12 regional theatres and their cities
    • Ford theatre- Washington DC
    • Steppenwolf-Chicago
    • Goodman-Chicago
    • Cleavland Playhouse-Cleavland
    • Guthrie-Minneapolis
    • Arena Stage-Washington DC
    • Mark Taper Forum- Los Angeles
    • Alley Theatre- Huston
    • Seatle Repitory Theatre- Seatle
    • Magic Theatre- San Fransisco
    • Milwaukee Repitory theatre- Miwaulkee
    • La Jolla Playhouse- La Jolla
  2. Political, social, cultural developements after WWII (6)
    • America as a super power
    • Cold war
    • Nuclear age
    • Civil rights movement
    • Digital age
    • Television
  3. Culture movement led by Joseph McCarthy
    Red Scare
  4. How the Treatment/role of women has changed since the 20th century (4)

    • 4 Domestic Ideals (Angle of the House)
    • Piety
    • Submissiveness
    • Domestic
    • Purity
    • Women Didn’t have Rights
    • Land
    • Money
    • Contracts
    • Children
  5. 7 revolutions and Angels in america and The Clean House
  6. Elements of design (6)
    • Lines-shapes and patterns
    • Mass/compesition- how large, much, where
    • Texture- feel, look, reflection
    • Color-hue, intensity
    • Rhythm- Repetition, shape, random
    • Movement-spce, direction, emphasis
  7. 7 objectives of design
    • To set tone and style- audience immediate reaction
    • Indicate time/place-setting
    • Characterization of individuals and groups-Seperate important groupings
    • Underline personal relationships- create correlation between characters
    • Symbolism
    • Practical needs- make things functional
    • Coordinate- all must work together
  8. Describe steps taken by a director, actor, or designer to analyze a play.
  9. What is Mr Lies Profession
    Travel Agent
  10. 3 other plays by Tom Kushner
    • Age of Assassins
    • Yes Yes, No No
    • The Illusion
  11. What political Figure haunts Roy Cohn
    Ethel Rothesberg
  12. Where was angels in america first performed
    London Royal National Theatre
  13. Where was Angels in America first Workshoped
    EUREKA! In San Fransisco
  14. Four Divinations of the Angel
    • Fluer
    • Phospher
    • Candle
    • Lumen
  15. Name 3 Other plays by Sarah Ruhl
    • Melencholy Play
    • Passion Play
    • Orlando
  16. Jewish Word for Soul Mate
  17. First Sign Charles in Having an Affair
    Black Satin Underwear
  18. what language other than english does Mathilde speak
  19. What other Characters speak different languages
    • Ana- Spanish
    • Charles-latin
  20. What do Ana and Mathilde throw into lane's living room
    Apples, spice
  21. What does charles go to alaska to get
    Yew Tree
  22. 2 Physical metaphores from the Clean house and what they stand for
  23. Trace the path of a particular technology from the early 20th century to today. How does it relate to plays we've read
  24. Evolution of a hero through time

    • Characteristic of Tragic hero
    • Character of High stature
    • Downfall From bad judgement
    • Punishment that exceeds the crime
    • Increase in Knowledge
    • Catharsis of emotions

    • Elements of a Modern Tragic hero
    • Average Joe
    • More than 1 tragic flaw
    • No Catharsis
    • Anti-hero
  25. 4 well known 20th century playwrites ( 2 american)
    • Oscar Wilde-The Importance of Being Earnest
    • Arthur Miller-Crucible
    • John Millington Synge-Riders to the Sea
    • Christopher Durang- The Nature and Purpose of the Universe
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