plant diseases

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  1. Trichophyton interdigitale
    Athlete's food
  2. epiderophyton and microsporum
    ringworm, tineas
  3. candida albicans
    candidiasis, vaginits, thush
  4. blastomyces
    blastomycosis, pulmonary, systematic
  5. histoplasma capsulalium
    histoplasmosis, occurs in guano, pulmonary
  6. arthrobotrys and dactylella
    lassoing fungi
  7. drechslera
    southern corn blight
  8. alternatria
    late bligt
  9. verticillum and fusarium
    wilts, tomatoes, bananas
  10. thizoctonia
    damping off, root rot, canker
  11. tolypocladium
    cyclosporine, immune supresant
  12. ustilago maydis
    local smuts
  13. ustilago tritici, avenae
    blossom infecting smuts
  14. tilletia tritici
    • seedling infecting smuts
    • bunt, stinking smut
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plant diseases
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