HIS: All about blood

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  1. What are major types of plasma proteins? What are their physiological role? What is their function?
    • Albumin: most abundant plasma protein (60%)
    • transports free fatty acid, thyroxine, Ca2+, drugs
    • maintains osmotic pressure of blood
  2. What are the causes and consequences of Hypoalbuminaeima?
    • Causes: liver disease, nephrotic syndrome, vascular permeability, malnutrition
    • Consequences: edema, concentration of free drugs
  3. What are Acute-phase proteins? Name 8 types
    • Acute-phase proteins: up and down in concentration more than 25% after infection
    • C-reactive protein
    • A,AT
    • Ceruloplasmin
    • Haptoglobin
    • Retinol-binding protein
    • Transthyretin
    • Alpha-fetoprotein
    • Immunoglobulin
  4. Talk to me about C-reactive protein
    • binds to bacteria or dead tissue and activates complement system
    • detects infection after surgery
    • management of neonatal septicemia and meningitis
  5. Talk to me about Alpha Anti-Trypsin
    • Protease inhibition
    • e.g: inhibits elastase
  6. Talk to me about Ceruloplasmin
    • major copper carrying protein
    • oxidizes Fe2+ to Fe3+ for incorporation in transferrins
    • Wilson's disease: inability to invest copper in protein
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