Geology Ch.21

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  1. Is ice a rock
  2. What type of rock is ice?
    All sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic
  3. What is ice's brittle deformation called?
  4. What is ice's ductile deformation called?
    flowing glaciers
  5. What happens when accumulation is less than ablation?
    front recedes
  6. What happens when accumulation is equal to ablation?
    same position
  7. What happens when accumulation is greater than ablation?
    front advances
  8. Define ablation
    calving, melting, and sublimation
  9. When does a crevass form?
    over steps in topography and around bends
  10. Define plastic flow
    Movement of ice by deformation
  11. Define basal slip
    sliding along the ground
  12. Name the 6 landforms formed by glaciers
    • Cirques and Aretes
    • U-shaped valleys
    • Fjords
    • Morains
    • Drumlins
    • Rouche Mountainees
  13. Define cirque
    head of a glacial valley
  14. Define arete
    sharp, jagged crests
  15. Define fjord
    u-shaped valley occupied by the sea
  16. Define till
    unstratified and poorly sorted
  17. Define drumlin
    hill of sediment
  18. Define rouches moutonee
    eroded by glacier
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