Vocabulary 2

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  1. Since the explanation offered are --- to the exposition, it would be unfair to treat them as --- part of the studies under consideratio.

    A. crucial . . immutable
    B. referable . . correspondent
    C. incidental . . essential
    D. irrelevant . . superfluous
    E. tangential . . subsidiary
    C. Incidental.. Essential
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  2. Tangential
    • Not relevant.
    • Ex. He showed tangential prooves of her existence.
    • Syn= irrelevant, incidental.
    • Ant= essential, crucial.
  3. Subsidiary
    • Funcioning in a supporting capacity.
    • Ex. the main library and its subsidiary branches.
    • Syn= auxilliary, subordinate.
    • Ant= chief, important, neccesary
  4. Irrelevant
    Not having to do with the matter in question.

    • Ex. He made an irrelevant comment.
    • Syn= tangential, incidential, out of place, off the point.
    • Ant= relevant.
  5. Superfluous
    Serving no useful purpose.

    • Ex= a superfluous remark about his life.
    • Syn= unnecessary, dispensable
    • Ant= essential, crucial.
  6. Referable
    • Capable of being assigned or credited to.
    • Ex= punction erros are referable to careless proofreading.
    • Syn=due to, imputable, attributable.
  7. Correspondent
    Similar. (adj)

    • Ex= brains and computers are often considered correspondent.
    • Syn= analogous, similar.
    • Ant= different, distinct, unlike.
  8. Incidental
    Not of prime or central importance.

    • Ex= the description is incidental to its meaning.
    • Syn=non essential, tangential.
    • Ant=essential, crucial.
  9. Immutable

    Ex= the view of that time was that all spicies were immutable, created by God.
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