Ordinal Numbers

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  1. In my fourth year at the university I studied the art in Cadiz, Spain
    En mi cuarto ano en la universidad estudiaba el arte en C(a)diz, Espana
  2. In the first hour, I had biology class
    En la primera hora, ten(i)a la clase de biolog(i)a
  3. In the second hour, I had literature class
    En la segunda hora, ten(i)a la clase de literatura
  4. I visited my friends in their religion and music classes on the sixth day of classes
    Visit(e) a mis amigos en sus clases de religi(o)n y m(u)sica en el sexto d(i)a de clases.
  5. After lunch, in the fifthe hour, I had theatre class
    Despu(e)s del almuerzo, en la quinta hora, ten(i)a la clase de teatro
  6. first
  7. third
  8. Is the first year
    Es el primer ano
  9. Is the third day
    Es el tercer d(i)a
  10. In my seventh day in Spain, I started the computer class
    En mi s(e)ptimo d(i)a en Espana, empec(e) la clase de inform(a)tica
  11. In the eighth hour, I attended the geography of Spain class
    En la octava hora, asist(i)a la clase de geograf(i)a de Espana
  12. In my ninth year of college, I had physical education class and history
    En mi novena ano del colegio, ten(i)a las clases de educaci(o)n f(i)sica e historia
  13. In my first day in Spain, I will not have any classes
    En mi primer d(i)a en Espana, no tendr(e) ningunas clases.
  14. In the tenth month of the program, the music class will travel to Madrid
    En el d(e)cimo mes del programa, la clase de m(u)sica viajar(a) a Madrid
  15. tenth
  16. ninth
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