modernism and the nuclear family

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  1. Which 2 perspectives have been described as ''modernist''?
    Functionalism and New Right
  2. What do they mean by ''modernist'' ?
    See society as having a fairly fixed, clear cut and predictable structure.
  3. What do Modernists say is the best family type?
    The Nuclear Family
  4. Why do Modernists think that the nuclear family is the best family type?
    Because it fits in the modern society AND helps to maintain it by performing certain essential functions.
  5. What does Talcott Parsons say?
    That there is a ''functional fit'' between the nuclear family and modern society as it is uniquely suited to meet the needs of modern society.
  6. Why does Talcott Parsons think this?
    • Performs 2 'irreducible functions' ;
    • primary socialisation of children and stabilisation of adult personalities
    • --this contributes to the overall stability and effectiveness of society.
  7. In the functionalist view, Why do they consider other family types (not nuclear) as ABNORMAL and INADEQUATE?
    • less able to perform the functions required of the family
    • (primary socialisation and stabilisation of adult personalities)
  8. So what can we generalise about the type of family that we will find in modern society?
    Nuclear-with a division of labour between husband and wife.
  9. True or false?
    Functionalism is a MODERNIST perspective
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