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  1. Which of the following qualities should Navy leadership exhibit?
    • Administrative ability
    • Moral principals
    • Personal example
  2. When followed, which of the following moral principals provides direction and consistency to leadership?
    • Integrity
    • Loyalty
    • Honesty
  3. To make sure an order to a job will get it done,orders need to be given so they can be followed. Orders should be given in what way?
    Simple, clear, and complete
  4. To be a good leader, you need to carry out your orders in which of the following ways?
    • Promptly
    • Cheerfully
    • To the best of your ability
  5. Immediate obedience is an automatic response to a command.
  6. Reasoned obedience lets you obey an order while learning from your experience while carrying it out.
  7. What is the primary goal of the Continuous Improvement Program?
    Increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership
  8. List the elements of a good Navy leader.
    • Moral principles
    • Personal example
    • Administrative ability
  9. List the principles of conduct that give direction, solidity, and consistency to leadership.
    • Honesty
    • ntegrity
    • Loyalty
  10. What is another term used to describe administrative ability?
    good management practices.
  11. True or false. To be a good leader, you must know how to be a good follower.
  12. List three followership qualities.
    • Loyalty
    • Initiative
    • Dependability
  13. Describe the purpose of a reprimand. T
    to teach, not to embarrass; therefore, give reprimands in private.
  14. List the ways you can help build morale.
    • Pride�being proud of what your personnel have accomplished
    • Integrity�being honest with yourself
    • Keeping personnel informed�making sure your personnel know what is happening
  15. What is the primary goal of the Continuous Improvement Program?
    is to increase productivity and produce better quality through leadership.
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