USA history 1

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  1. Give a^n example of a^n artifact that a historian might use to recreate a civil war battle
    A battle plan
  2. Primary source v secondary source
    • Primary: from the actuial event
    • Secondary: someond writing who learned about the vent
  3. Define: historical interpretation
    Interperting the events of the pqst and adding a meaning
  4. Why can two different historical interpretations be correct
    Two people can have differing views on an event
  5. What are the four reasons we study history
    • Developing empathy
    • Better thinkers
    • Avoid past mistakes
    • History is interesting
  6. Who was the main Author of the declaration of independence
    Tomas jefferson
  7. What dies the word ideal mean
    A principal of perfection which we try to achieve
  8. Which ideal refers to the chance for individuals to pursue there hopes and Dreams
  9. According to the declaration of independence where do people get their rights
    Natural rights

    Because they are human they have these rights
  10. According to the declaration of independence when do people have the right to abolish a government and make a new one
    When the government no longer protects your rights
  11. Give a^n example to how the physical features of the us made it more challenging for settlers
    • Wide rivers
    • Mountains
    • Plains
  12. How would you best describe the landforms of the us
  13. List the natural resources found in the us
    • Metal
    • Coal
    • Crops
    • Natural gas
    • Uranium
  14. Which term means a^n area with particular geographic, political, or cultural characteristics that set it apart
  15. Define globalization
    By which a culture, politics, and economics of nations around the world would intigrate
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