USA history 2

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  1. What right became established in the colony of New York as a result of the Zenger trial?
    freedom of speach
  2. Which of the documents listed here established the first written framework of self-government in the American colonies?
    1) Magna Carta
    2) Mayflower Compact
    3) English Bill of Rights
    4) Albany Plan of Union
    mayflower compact
  3. Why did the population of Africans in the colonies increase after 1640?
    • - slaves never needed to be freed
    • - Royal African Company engaged in slave trade
  4. What was Ben Franklin's point in the "Join or Die" cartoon he created for the Albany Plan of Union (the snake on the blue t-shirt in the front of the room.)?
    if the colonists did not unite then they would be destroyed
  5. What were the qualifications for electing a representative to the House of Burgesses?
    white male land-owner
  6. How did the colonists react to the Tea Act?
  7. “Britain and the king are too far away to know what is best for the colonies.” Who would have most likely have agreed with the above statement?
    1) Patriot
    2) Quaker
    3) Loyalist
    4) Moderate
  8. What was the basic message of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense?
    • -the king was corrupt
    • -we want a representative government
  9. Aside from telling the world why they wanted to become independent, what else did the Declaration of Independence contain?
    • - peoples unalienable rights
    • - list of British abuses
  10. Why was the Battle of Saratoga (1777) considered a turning point in the Revolutionary War?
    the Americans convinced the french to fight with them
  11. What was the first “constitution” of the United States?
    articles of confederation
  12. What was one effect of Shay’s Rebellion?
    a call for a stronger central government
  13. What important issue did the Great Compromise settle?
    the issue of equal representation or repesentation by population
  14. What were supporters of the new Constitution in 1787 called?
  15. What were the arguments raised by those who opposed ratification of the Constitution in 1787?
    • -no bill of rights
    • -king will attack
    • -everyone should agree
    • -people arn't ready to vote
  16. According to the Constitution, who has the power to declare war?
  17. Describe one way that the system of “checks and balances” works today.
    makes sure that no one person gets too much power
  18. What does the preamble do??
    it states the general purpose of the constitution
  19. Why is the Constitution called a “living document”?
    because it can be changed
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