USA history 4

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  1. What were the arguemtns Americans used to support imperialism?
    • 1)Teach about human rights
    • 2)spread religion
    • 3)open a new trade market
    • 4)social darwanism
  2. why did Presidant McKinley send the USS Maine to Havana Harbor in 1898?
    to pretect american citizens
  3. what was yellow journalism?
    writing that stirred up emotion to sell papers but didnt nessarly follow the truth
  4. What territories did the USA aquire after the Spanish American War?
    guam, phillipenes, puerto rico
  5. Who overthrough the Hawaiian monarchy?
  6. What was the letter called that asked all foreign nations to allow free trade in China in 1899?
    Open door note
  7. Why did the USA support Panama's rebellion against Colombia?
    It allowed the usa to build the panama canal
  8. What was Teddy Roosevelt's foerign policy called?
    The big stick policy
  9. Why did Teddy Roosevelt win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906?
    for his negociations in the Treaty of Portsmouth which maintained the Open Door Policy in China
  10. What were the factors leading to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1914?
    The assination of Archduke Ferdnandand the alliances taht then kicked in
  11. how did Germany's U-boats violate international Law
    they did not announce themselves before attacking
  12. How did presidant wilson respond tto the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915
    declared war
  13. What did germany promise Mexico in return for its support in the zimmerman note
    its territories of texas arizona and new mexico back from the USA
  14. how did the usa build the large fighting force it would need to enter WW1
    A draft
  15. why was the timing of the arival of the americans in europe crucial to the allies
    It raised moral
  16. what turned the trenches into death traps for the soldiers.
    The new wepionary ( poisen gas, airplanes, artillary, machine guns)
  17. why was the Meuse-Argonne offensive such a significant battle.
    it was the greatest american battle in WW1
  18. Sergant york was a _____ or some opposed to fighting in battle
    pacifist or concious objector
  19. How did americans "Hooverise" during WW1?
    Concerving food, making "Victory gardens", not eating certain things on given days (e.g. meatless mondays)
  20. What power did the sedition act give the federal government during WW1?
    To prosicute anyone who criticed the presidant or government.
  21. List the provisions of Wilson's fourteen points
    elimanate war through free trade, right to self determination, create a league of nations
  22. According to wilson how would the league of nations maintain peace?
    Pledging to respect and protect each others territory and political independance
  23. what was the ultimate fate of the Treaty of Versailles in the USA?
    It was not ratified
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