Word Roots Set 3

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  1. ant-, anti-
    Greek: against, opposed to, preventive (antibiotic)
  2. ante-, anti-
    Latin: before, in front of, prior to (anticipate)
  3. anth-, antho-
    Greek: flower (anthology, anther)
  4. anthropo-
    Greek: human (anthropology)
  5. apo-
    Greek: before, in front of, prior to (apostasy)
  6. aqu-, aqua-, aque-
    Latin: water (aqueduct)
  7. ar-
    Latin: plow, till (arable)
  8. ar-
    Latin: dry (arid)
  9. anti(co)-
    old (antiquity)
  10. arche-, archi, arch-
    Greek: ruler, first, ancient; chief, leader, ruler (archetype, archaic, monarch, archangel)
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