Biology Chapter 1

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  1. Cell
    The basic unit of structure and function of all living things.
  2. What are the levels of classification starting with the biggest? And what is the saying to help you remember?
    • Domain Did
    • Kingdom King
    • Phylum Phillip
    • Class Come
    • Order Over
    • Family From
    • Genus Georgia
    • Species Saturday
  3. The scientific name for something consists of the organism's:
    • Genus
    • &
    • Species
  4. The scientific name must be written in or .

  5. The first letter of the genus is and the first letter of the species is .

  6. What are the 6 kingdoms? And a way to remember them?
    • Animalia Ashley
    • Eubacteria Expects
    • Protista Positive
    • Fungi Feedback
    • Plantae Pending
    • Archaebacteria Applicatoin
  7. What are the 3 domains of all living things?
    • Bacteria
    • Archaea
    • Eukarya
  8. What is a prokaryote?
    Organism that lacks the membrane bounded nucleus and membranous organelles.
  9. What is a eukaryote?
    Cell that has a membrane bounded nucleus and membranous organelles.
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