medical terns chapter 7 definitions

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  1. atonic
    pertaing to lack of normal tone or tension
  2. bradykinesia
    slowness of motion or movment
  3. dactylospasm
    cramp of a finger or toe
  4. dystrophy
    faulty muscular development caussed by lack of nourishment
  5. intramuscular
    pertaining to within a muscle
  6. levator
    muscle that lifts or elevates a part
  7. myasthenia
    muscle weakness
  8. mythology
    study or muscles
  9. myroparesis
    weakness or slight paralysis of a muscle
  10. myoplasty
    surgical repair of a muscle
  11. myosarcoma
    malignant tumors derived from muscle tissue
  12. myotomy
    incision into a muscle
  13. polyplegia
    paralysis affecting many muscles
  14. tendodesis
    sergical binding of a tendon
  15. synergetic
    pertaining to certain mucles that work together
  16. tricepts
    muscles having three heads with a single insertion
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