hist early western art

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    Animal from Apollo 11 cave, ca. 23, 000 bce, namibia
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    human with feline head, ca 30,000-28,000 bce, southern germany
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    venus of willendorf, ca. 28,000-25,000bce, austria
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    two bison in relief, ca. 15,000-10,000 bce, le tuc d'audoubert france
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    bison from painted ceiling, ca. 12,000-11,000 bce, altamira spain
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    hall of bulls, ca 15,000-13,000bce, lascaux france
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    rhinoceros, man, bison, ca 15,000-13,000 bce, lascaux
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    great stone tower of jericho, ca 8000-7000 bce
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    human figure, ca 6750-6250 bce, ain ghazal, jordan
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    catal hoyuk, ca 6000-5900 bce
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    deer hunt, ca. 5750 bce, catal hoyuk
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    stonehenge, ca 2550 bce, salisbury plain, england
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    white temple at uruk, ca 3200-3000 bce, uruk, sumer

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