hist early western art 2

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  1. warka vase, ca 3200-3000 bce, near temple of uruk, iraq
  2. statuettes of two worshippers, ca 2700 bce, iraq
  3. victory stele of eannatum, ca 2600-2500 bce, girsu syria
  4. standard of ur, ca 2600 bce, ur iraq
  5. bull headed lyre sound box, ca 2600 bce, ur
  6. banquet scene cylinder seal, ca 2600 bce, ur
  7. head of an akkadian ruler, ca 2250-2200 bce, ninevah iraq
  8. stele of naram-sin, ca 2254-2218 bce, susa iran
  9. stele of hammurabi, ca 1780 bce, susa iran
  10. lion gate, hattusa, anatolia, ca 1400 bce
  11. citadel of sargon II, ca 720-705 bce
  12. lamassu sculpture, palace of sargon II, 720-705 bce
  13. ashurbanipal II hunting lions, ca. 645-640 bce, ninevah

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hist early western art 2
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hist early western art 2

hist early western art 2
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