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  1. almorzar yo and definistion
    almuerzo to have lunch
  2. contar definition and tu form
    to count cuentas
  3. dormir definition and ella form
    to sleep and duerme
  4. encontrar ellos and definiton
    to find encuentran
  5. morir definition and stem changer
    to die mor-muer
  6. poder definition and stem changer
    to be able to pod-pued
  7. volver definition and stem changer
    to return volv-vuelv
  8. cerrar definition and stem changer
    to close cerr-cierr
  9. comenzar
    to begin comen-comien
  10. empezar
    to begin empez-empiez
  11. entender
    to understand enten-entien
  12. pensar
    to think pen-pien
  13. preferir
    to prefer prefer-prefier
  14. probar
    to try, to taste prob-prueb
  15. pedir
    to order ped-pid
  16. servir
    to serve ser-sir
  17. merendar
    to have a snack meren-merien
  18. repetir
    to repeat repe-repi
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