Chapter 5 World History

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  1. sea mountain
    greece geography
  2. this is when a settlement of people are tied to the mother country by trade and government(we were colonies of england)
  3. city-state-cities that make up a state
  4. high area of the city, fortress
  5. the farmers market
  6. this is where the twelve greek gods/goddesses live
    mount olympus
  7. he is the chief god of the greeks, god of all gods
  8. son of zeus who was known for all his godlike strength
  9. it is here where the preists and priestesses fosee the future, visions of the future
  10. this is a sea training civilization that ended when a volcanic explosion blew apart the island affecting world weather patterns
    minoan civilization
  11. a great civilization that ended with drought and famine with drought and famine with outside invasion
    mycenaean civilization
  12. when very few records of what happened exist
    dark ages
  13. a series of winding passage, maze used as meditation or healing
  14. their education is military training
  15. foot soldiers at age 20
  16. a military formation of rows of soldiers with overlapping shields and spears
  17. state slaves
  18. the birth place of democracy
  19. rule by the people
  20. this is when your name is taken out of a hat
    chosen by lot
  21. you were called this is you didn't take an active role in the goernment
  22. he was the king of kings who asked for a curse upon athens
  23. it is a mile wide strait of water that serarates europe for asia minor
  24. his name means "shining horse" said rejoice! we are victorious and he died. to honor him we run the marathon
  25. he was the son who inherited the curse, he attached greece with 1.7 million soldier, half to delphi, half attacked athens; all army and navy were killed
  26. they are the royal body guards of the king (the elites)
    the immortals
  27. this is the invisible god to witness the revenge on athens
    chariot of the sun
  28. this is a religious site that hold god to honor the gods
    delphi oracle
  29. it was here that 300 spartans almost beat 850,000 persian soldiers
    battle of thermoylae
  30. this navy battle is when the greeks defeated the army navy of xerxes, thus ending the persian threat
    battle of salamis
  31. it is an agreement to aid one another in the event of a war band together
    the delian league
  32. this is when athens fought sparta and both were defeated ending the greek power
    peloponneasian war
  33. the love of wisdom and knowledge
  34. he was a greek philosopher who said "an examined life is not worth living" periodically evaluate your life
  35. his motto was know thyself
  36. was allowed to commit suicide with cup of death
  37. he was a greek philosopher who taught man must use logic and reason
  38. he was a greek philosopher who was the teacher of Alexander the Great
  39. he was a greek philosopher who wanted only the wisest and the best should rule as a philosopher/king
  40. he was the blind greek poes who wrote the illiad and the odyssey
  41. a book of military knowledge that tells the story of the last year of the trojan war
  42. the return of odysseus from the trojan war to home; tells the story of heroes of the trojan war
  43. this is a 10 year battle fought between sparta and troy over the return/kidnapping of helen of troy
    trojan war
  44. the trojan war was fought over her; her face would launch a thousand ships
    helen of troy
  45. as a young boy he was dipped in sacred water making him invincible except for the heel
  46. this is a huge hollow object/gift hiding soldiers inside; after it was pulled into the city, soldiers got out and killed everybody and burned the city
    trojan horse
  47. won achilles sacred suit of armor
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