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  1. Thomas Hobbes
    • *Leviathan
    • *people are naturally cruel, selfish, and greedy
    • *social contract-people give up rights for organized society
  2. John Locke
    • *Two Treaties of Government
    • *people form government to protect their natural rights
    • *life, liberty, property
  3. Baron de Montesquieu
    • *The Spirit of the Laws
    • *government powers should be limited by dividing their respondsibilities into 3 branches
  4. Voltaire
    *demanded freedom of speech
  5. Denis Diderot
    • *Encylopedia
    • *increase knowledge
    • *change the general way of thinking
  6. Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    • *Social contract
    • *people are basiclly good-corrupted by society
    • *government shouldd minimal control
    • *good of the community above all
  7. Mary Wollstonecraft
    • *Vindication of the Rights of girls and boys
    • *equal education for women
    • *women should decide whats in their best interests
  8. Adam Smith
    • *Wealth of Nation
    • *free market should regulate business activites
  9. Beethoven
    • *Symphony No. 9
    • *Fur Elise
    • *Symphony No. 5
  10. Mozart
    *Eine Kleine Nachtmusic
  11. Bach
    • *Brandenburg
    • *Air on a G String
  12. Wagner
    *Ride of the Valkyries
  13. Dvonak
    *New World
  14. Haydn
    *"Suprise" Symphony No. 94
  15. Handel
    *Water Music
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