Russian Nouns 1

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  1. day
    де'нь, дне', дни', дня'х (m., class 2)
  2. window
    окно', окне', о'кна, о'кнах (n. class 3)
  3. water
    вода', во'ду, во'ды, во'дах (f. class 1)
  4. wall
    стена', сте'ну, сте'ны, сте'нах (f. class 1)
  5. door
    две'рь, две'ри, две'ри, дверя'х (f. class 4)
  6. neighbor
    сосе'д, сосе'де, сосе'ди, сосе'дях(m. class 2, irregular because stem becomes soft in the plural)
  7. shower (in the bathroom)
    ду'ш, ду'ше, ду'ши, ду'шах (m. class 2)
  8. sister
    сестра', сестру', сёстры, сёстрах (f. class 1)
  9. husband
    му'ж, му'жа, мужья', мужья'х (m. class 2, irregular because it changes its stem in the plural)
  10. brother
    бра'т, бра'та, бра'тья, бра'тьях (m. class 2, irregular because it changes its stem in the plural).
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Russian Nouns: day, window, water, wall, door, neighbor, shower, sister husband, brother
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