Hungarian Lesson 027

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  1. meg-
    • Completion of action (in all tenses)
    • Beginning of an action
    • Single instance of an action
    • Expected successful occurance of an action
    • To briefly utter a statement (with verbs of communication).
  2. el-
    • Away, out, off, apart
    • Beginning or completion of an action
    • Action covers a wide area
    • Action is done all the way to the end
    • Action is done incorrectly
    • Indicates unfortunate turn of events.
    • Lengthy duration of an action
    • By and along (with előtt and mellett)
  3. be-
    • In
    • Into
    • Cover entirely, envelope
    • Perfectivizing prefix for verbs meaning "to close", "to fasten"
  4. ki-
    • Out, out of
    • Undo
    • Make a selection out of
  5. fel-
    • Up, upwards
    • On (verbs of placing, putting, writing)
    • Turn over or upside down
    • Appear from somewhere
    • Change in mental state,
    • Sudden beginning of an action
    • Increase in action
    • Completion of action
    • Use up completely
  6. le-
    • Down, downwards, off
    • Remove, take off
    • Cover the surface of something
    • Copy
    • Lessen or reduce in someway
    • Add a negative connotation
  7. vissza-
  8. utaná-
  9. elő-
    • Forth
    • Out
    • Before
    • Make available to (sight, senses, etc.)
  10. fenn-
    • Above
    • Up
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Hungarian verbal prefixes, meg, el, be, ki, fel, le, vissza, utaná, elő, fenn
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