Biology: RNA

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  1. what is RNA?
    what type of nucleotide?
    what does it consist of? (name the bases)
    • ribonucleic acid (has more oxygen).
    • polymer.
    • -Ribose, phosphate group, nitrogenous base. (adenine, guanine, cytosine ,URACIL.)
  2. What is the function of RNA?
    to make proteins!
  3. What are the 3 types of RNA?
    • messenger RNA
    • transfer RNA
    • ribosomal RNA
  4. structure and function of mRNA?
    • (s) a single, uncoiled strand of RNA nucleotides that carries information. From DNA to ribosome.
    • (f) serves as a template for protein synthesis. just carries information on what to do.
  5. structure and function of tRNA?
    • (s) a single, uncoiled strand of RNA nucleotides that has a specific amino acid attached to it.
    • (f) brings in appropriate amino acid bases on complementarity.
  6. structure and function of rRNA?
    • (s) single strand of RNA nucleotides that makes a "globular shape"
    • (f) makes up the ribosomes (site of protein synthesis) 2 parts of rRNA comes together (small sub unit & large)
  7. what is protein synthesis?
    the process by which an organism's genotype (genetic make-up) is translated into phenotype (traits)
  8. 2 stages of Protein Synthesis?
    transcription and translation.
  9. what is transcription?
    what stage is it from?
    • genetic information from a strand of DNA is copied into a strand of mRNA.
    • #1 stage of Protein synthesis.
  10. what is translation?
    what stage is it from?
    • process by which the "language" of nucleic acids are changed into the "language" of proteins. (links amino acids)
    • #2 stage of Protein synthesis
  11. What is the first step of protein synthesis?
    how many steps does this have?
    • transcription.
    • four.
  12. First step of transcription?
    • 1.)RNA polymerase unwinds and unzips DNA molecules. How?
    • Breaks the bonds between the nitrogenous bases.
  13. Second step of transcription?
    • 2.) RNA polymerase bonds free floating RNA nucleotides in the nucleus with complementary base pairs on DNA template.
    • A-U, G-C
  14. Third step of transcription?
    3.) RNA polymerase forms the covalent bond between the ribose and phosphate group. *forms back bone*
  15. Fourth step of transcription?
    4.) RNA molecule breaks free of the DNA template....RNA polymerase puts DNA back together.

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