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  1. -i
    • of
    • pertaining to
    • (a person or thing) from a place

    • fenti lakás = upstairs apartment
    • női ruha = women's clothing
    • londoni = (a person or thing) from London
  2. -s
    Makes adjectives from nouns, requires connecting vowel (usually same as nom. pl.). -a and -e lengthened

    • endowed with
    • qualified as having
    • duration
    • -ish (attached to adjective base)

    • vajas kenyér = bread and butter (buttery bread)
    • neves professzor = famous professor
    • egyéves tanfoyam = one year course
    • barnás = brownish
  3. -tlan/-tlen (Stems in a vowel, -a, -e lengthen)
    -atlan/-etlen (added to verb stems)
    -talan/-telen (added to stems in one consonant) Above are tendencies

    • hiba = mistake, hibátlan = faultless
    • bátor = brave, bátortalan = cowardly
    • vár = to wait for, váratlan = unexpected
  4. -ú/-ű
    • endowed with
    • qualified as having
    • Makes adjectives out of nouns and is used when modified by another adjective

    fekete hajú lány = black haired girl
  5. -ékony/-ékeny
    • Makes adjectives out of verb stems
    • Inclination to activity expressed by stem.

    tör = to break, törékeny = fragile
  6. -nyi
    indicates a mesure of size

    méter = meter, méternyi = 1 meter long

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Hungarian Lesson 029
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Hungarian adjectival suffixes tlam ú ékony nyi

Hungarian adjectival suffixes: -i, -s, -tlam, -ú, -ékony, -nyi
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