Chapter 2: Fill Ins

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  1. ________________ is an organized body of knowledge.
  2. A hypothesis is tentative statement about a relationship between _____________ or ________________.
    observable facts, events
  3. A ______________relationship is not likely to have occurred by chance.
  4. Theories are ____________ of facts or events.
  5. With a scientific attitude, there is ____________ or _____________about theories until they have been scientifically tested.
    doubt, skeptism
  6. A universal statement is a statement that applies to _____________ circumstance.
  7. When every person in the universe or population has an equal chance of being interviewed in a survey, this is called ______________ sampling.
  8. "Most evangelical/born again Christians vote Republican" is a __________________ statement.
  9. A control group is used for _____________.
  10. A ___________statement is a statement that applies to some proportion of circumstances.
  11. Those in a sample are chosen to represent the ______________ of a larger group.
  12. The _____________ is the whole group about which information is desired.
  13. In a random sample, each person in the universe has an ______________chance of being selected in the sample for interviewing.
  14. Sampling error is the range of responses in which a ____________ percent chance exists that the sample reflects the universe.
    • 95
  15. The halo effect is the tendency of respondents to give "_____________" responses to pollsters.
    "good citizen"
  16. Field research is directly observing _______________.
    social behavior
  17. _______________ issues are those that people have thought the most about and hold strong and stable opinions on.
  18. A ___________ is an unprofessional pollster who asks "loaded" or "leading" questions simple to produce results favorable to his political candidates or side of an argument.
    push poller
  19. In-depth investigation of a particular event in order to understand it as fully as possible is a/an _____________.
    case study
  20. Data used by social scientist that has been collected by other organizations, government agencies, or researchers is _________________________.
    secondary source data
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