Chemistry Lect 1

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  1. AZX
    • A: Mass Number (prots + neucs)
    • Z: Atomic Number (prots)
    • X: Element Symbol
  2. 1 mol in relation to 12C
    1 mol = the # of 'C' atoms in 12g of 12C
  3. Forming a bond ___ energy.
  4. Quantum Numbers:
    Image Upload 1
  5. How you write orbitals
    Image Upload 2
  6. Hunds Rule:
    • e-s will not fill any orbital in the same subshell until all the orbitals contain at least one e-
    • all the unpaired e-s will have parallel spins
  7. Helsenberg Uncertainty:
    the more we know about the momentum of a particle the less we know about its position
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