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  1. Point
    One of the basic undefined terms of geometry. No length
  2. Ray
    a ray begins at a point and goes on forever in one direction
  3. Angle
    the union of two distinct rays that have a common end point
  4. Vertex
    the common end point of an angle
  5. Plane
    One of the basic undefined terms of geometry. Goes on forever in all directions; two-dimensional and flat.
  6. Line
    One of the basic undefined terms of geometry. A set of points whose length goes on forever in two opposite directions.
  7. Line segment
    the part of a line between two points on the line
  8. Intersecting lines
    two lines meet at a point. That point is the only point that belongs to both lines
  9. Intersection
    all the points 2 figures have in common
  10. Parallel lines
    two lines in a plane that do not intersect
  11. End points
    the points at the end of a line segment
  12. Compass
    instrument used to draw circles. It has two tips � center and pencil.
  13. Bisector
    divides a segment or angle into two equal parts
  14. Perpendicular lines
    two lines that intersect to form four right angles
  15. Circle
    all points in a plane at a constant distance
  16. Radius
    the length of a line segment between the center and circumference of a circle
  17. Equidistant
    equally distant from any two or more points
  18. Arc
    a continuous portion of a circle
  19. Congruent
    having the same size

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