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  1. Auricles
    The externally visible flap formed by the collapse of the outer wall of a relaxed atrium
  2. Auricle means...?
    External ear
  3. Atrioventricular (coronary) groove
    • Equator of the heart
    • Divides the artia
  4. Aortic arch gives rise to three branches.
    Names are?
    • Brachiocephalic Artery
    • Left Common Carotid Artery
    • Left Subclavian Artery
  5. Pulmonary Arteries
    Carry deoxygenated blood
  6. Pulmonary Veins
    Carry oxygenated blood
  7. What forms a complete circle around the heart and forms a border between the atria and ventricles?
    Atrioventricular (coronary) groove
  8. Posterior Interventricular Groove
    • Decends towards the apex of the heart.
    • Border between Left and Right ventricles
  9. Pulmonary Veins
    • 4 total
    • 2 on each side
  10. Vena Cava
    Brings in deox blood to the heart
  11. Interatial Septum
    • Between two ATRIA
    • Like a wall
  12. Fossa Ovalis
    • Reminence of Foramen Ovale
    • Fetus gets from mother
  13. Function of septum?
    So deox blood does not backwash with ox blood
  14. When septum does not close properly?
    Atrial septal defect
  15. Interventriculate Septum
    • Separates ventricles
    • Like a wall
  16. Trabeculae Carneae
    Cobweb like ridges
  17. Conus Arteriosus
    Space up front of pulmonary artery

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lab 1 cont
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