Session 2

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  1. What is evidence?
    The Why

    Reason's why the author thinks his main point is correct.
  2. What is the Conclusion?
    The What

    the authors main point, what he wants to convince you of.
  3. The One-Sentence test
    The sentence that the author's argument cannot live without is the conclusion.
  4. The Assumption
    The connection between evidence and conclusion

    • -makes the argument work
    • -closes logical gap in argument
    • -the missing piece of evidence
  5. Evidence + Assumption = Conclusion
  6. Kaplan Method
    • Step 1
    • Identify the question type
    • Step 2
    • Untagle the stimulus
    • Step 3
    • Make a Prediction
    • Step 4
    • Evaluate the answer choices
  7. Sufficient > Necesary
    Trigger >than> Result

    S(trigger)>than> N(Result)
  8. Forming the Contrapositive
    The logical equivalent of th "If then" statment
  9. Steps to forming the Contrapositive
    • 1) Reverse the terms
    • 2) Negate each terms
    • 3) "and" becomes "or"; "or" becomes "and"
  10. The Kaplan 5-Step Method for Logic Games
    • Step 1: Overview
    • Answer four key questions to set up the games structure
    • Step 2: Sketch
    • Create a simple & effective picture of the setup and the action
    • Step 3: Rules
    • Make sketch work, think of what each rule means and doesn't mean
    • Step 4: Deductions
    • Combine rules with common elements , figue out everything that is true
    • Step 5: Question
    • Attack the question systematically
  11. Step 1: Overview
    • 4 Key Questions
    • What is the situation?
    • EX: Horsetrack
    • What are the entities?
    • EX: 6 horses
    • What action do I need to perform?
    • EX: Sequencing
    • What are the Limitations?
    • EX: one horse per position, 1-6 positions
  12. Step 4: Making Deductions
    • Blocks of entities: Entities that move together
    • Limted Options: when a game is reduced to just two possible scenarios
    • Established entities: Entities that are placed definitively
    • Numbers: # of constraints on the game that create opportunities for deductions
    • Duplications: when an entity or position appears in more than one role
  13. Reviewing questions
    Hold off on Complete & Accurate list Questions till last

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