English final vocab words

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  1. Enmity
    A feeling of hostility, hatred.
  2. Wreak
    To inflict, cause.
  3. Auspicious
  4. Indolent
    Having or showing disposition to avoid exertion; slothful.
  5. Indulgent
    The act of indulging.
  6. Consternation
    A sudden, alarming amazement or dread that results in confusion.
  7. Dispensation
  8. Rhetorically
    Speech that pretends to have significance, but lacks true meaning.
  9. Extricate
    To release from
  10. Antipodes
    Direct opposites.
  11. Chutzpah
    Shameless audacity (boldness or daring).
  12. Automation
    When a process is controlled.
  13. Eloquence
    Using a language with fluency.
  14. Driveling
    Drooling; talking senselessly.
  15. Fratricide
    The act of killing one's brother.
  16. Doleful
    Sad, mournful.
  17. Plaited
    Braided; twisted.
  18. Irate
    Angry, enraged.
  19. Despotic
  20. Rakish
  21. Ineptitude
    Quality or condition of being without skill or aptitude for a particular task or assigment.
  22. Intimation
    A hint.
  23. Intransigence
    Refusing to agree or compromise; uncompromising; inflexible.
  24. Nonentity
    Something of no importance; nonexistent.
  25. Tacit
  26. Venerable
    Respect because of great age or impressive dignity.
  27. Embodiment
    The physical that represents the abstract; manifestation.
  28. Reverie
    A daydream
  29. Catharsis
    Purification of the emotions through the evocation of pity and fear.
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