Retail Pharmacy

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  1. The section of a retail pharmacy in which new
    prescriptions are entered into the computer and insurance claims are billed is the:
    Pharmacy workstation
  2. The patient code on an insurance card indicates the:
    patient's identity, such as primary, spouse, or dependant.
  3. A ________ is an person who has completed a doctoral degree in pharmacy and is licensed to practice pharmacy in a specific state.
  4. An independent pharmacy, on average, fills how many
    prescriptions per day?
  5. the process of electronically transmitting a
    prescription to the insurance company for approval and payment.
    Online adjudication
  6. The area of the pharmacy where patients turn in their
    prescriptions is the:
    Prescription Drop-Off.
  7. A ________ has completed a bachelor degree in pharmacy
    and is licensed to practice pharmacy in a specific state.
  8. DAW
    dispense as written
  9. patient profile
    An electronic record stored in the pharmacy computer system detailing the patient's personal and billing information, prescription records, and medical condition
  10. Most states restrict controlled medications with refills:
    to a maximum of one transfer.
  11. A C-III prescription
    may be refilled:
    • for six months from the date it was
    • written.
  12. The second group of numbers in an NDC code signifies
    drug, strength, and form.
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