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  1. O/I of Sternocleidomastoid
    Manubrium and clavicle to temporal
  2. O/I of Splenius
    Vertebrae to occipital bone
  3. O/I of iliocostalis lumborum
    ilium to ribs
  4. O/I of external oblique
    ribs to rectus sheath
  5. O/I of internal oblique
    thoracolumbar fascia to rectus sheath
  6. O/I of transversus abdominis
    thoracolumbar fascia to rectus sheath
  7. O/I of rectus abdominis
    pubic bone to costal cartilage
  8. O/I of pectoralis minor
    ribs to scapula
  9. O/I of levator scapulae
    cervical vertebrae to scapula
  10. O/I of rhomboideus
    thoracic vertebrae to scapula
  11. O/I of serratus anterior
    ribs to scapula
  12. O/I of trapezius
    occipital bone and thoracic vertebrae to clavicle and scapula
  13. O/I of pectoralis major
    clavicle and sternum to humerus
  14. O/I of deltoid
    clavicle and scapula to humerus
  15. O/I of latissimus dorsi
    thoracolumbar fascia to humerus
  16. O/I of teres major
    scapula to humerus
  17. O/I of rotator cuff group
    scapula to humerus
  18. 4 muscles in rotator cuff
    • supraspinatus -abduct
    • infraspinatus -lateral
    • teres minor -lateral
    • subscapularis -medial
  19. O/I of bicepts brachii
    scapula to radius
  20. O/I of brachialis
    humerus to ulna
  21. O/I of brachioradialis
    humerus to radius
  22. O/I of triceps brachii
    scapula and humerus to ulna
  23. O/I of pronator/flexor group
    humerus, radius, ulna to hand
  24. O/I of supinator/extensor group
    humerus, radius, ulna to hand
  25. O/I of gluteus maximus
    ilium and sacrum to femur
  26. O/I of gluteus medius
    ilium to femur
  27. O/I of gluteus minimus
    ilium to femur
  28. O/I of tensor fasciae latae
    ilium to iliotibial tract
  29. O/I of adductor longus
    pubis to femur
  30. O/I of adductor magnus
    ischium to femur
  31. O/I of gracilis
    pubis to tibia
  32. O/I of iliacus
    ilium to femur
  33. O/I of psoas
    vertebrae to femur
  34. O/I of sartorius
    ilium to tibia
  35. O/I of biceps femoris
    ischium and femur to tibia
  36. O/I of semimembranosus
    ischium to tibia
  37. O/I of semitendinosus
    ischium to tibia
  38. O/I of rectus femoris
    ilium to tibia
  39. O/I of vastus lateralis
    femur to tibia
  40. O/I of vastus intermedius
    femur to tibia
  41. O/I of vastus medialis
    femur to tibia
  42. O/I of tibialis anterior
    tibia to first metatarsal
  43. O/I of gastrocnemius
    femur to calcaneous
  44. O/I of soleus
    tibia and fibula to calcaneus
  45. O/I of peroneus longus/brevis
    fibula to metatarsal
  46. O/I of extensor digitorum longus
    tibia and fibula to phalanges
  47. O/I of extensor hallucis longus
    fibula to phalanx
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