Further- Chapter 2- Summarising Numerical Data

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  1. What is the median
    • The midpoint of distribution where 50% of data is on either side
    • located at (n+1/2) position
  2. What is the range
    • The simplest measure for the spread of a distribution
    • R= largest value- smallest value
  3. What is the inter quartile range (IQR)
    • The spread of the middle 50% of data.
    • IQR= Q3-Q1

    • Q1= midpoint of half below median
    • Q2= median
    • Q3= midpoint of half above median
  4. What is included in a five number summary
    • median
    • Q1
    • Q3
    • minimum
    • maximum
    • (all shown in a box plot)
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Further- Chapter 2- Summarising Numerical Data
Summarising Numerical Data
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