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  1. in ancient times, people believed that illness and disease was caused by...
    supernatural spirits
  2. who were the "doctors" for ancient egyptians?
  3. who was the ancient egyptian god of medicine?
  4. what is one of the most important benefits of the egyptian process of embalming?
    further advanced the knowledge of anatomy
  5. who is hippocrates considered to be?
    the father of medicine
  6. what effects did the renaissance have on medical practice?
    desection correcter many errors that had been undetected for centuries
  7. louis pasteur
    came up with pasturization
  8. wilhelm roentgen
    discovered x-ray
  9. alexander fleming
    discovered penicillin
  10. anton von leeuwenhoek
    created the microscope
  11. ignaz semmelweiss
    identified the cause of child bead fever
  12. bachelor's
  13. master's
  14. associate's
  15. doctrate
  16. reasons why there are so many job opportunities in health care:
    • aging population
    • moving toward preventive and primary care
    • advancing technology
  17. home health care agencies-
    designed to provide care in a petients home
  18. emergency care services
    provide special care to victums of accidents or sudden illness
  19. rehabilitation facilities
    provide help to patients with physical or mental disabilities to obtain maximum self care and function
  20. optical center
    provide vision examinations, prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses, and chech for the presence of eye disease
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