health final 3

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  1. endosteum
    membrane that line the medullary canal and keeps the yellow marrow intact
  2. periosteum
    tough membrane that covers the outside of bones
  3. frontanel
    soft spots
  4. foramen
    openings in the bones
  5. sutures
    areas where the cranial bones have joined together
  6. sinus
    resonating chambers for the voice
  7. joints
    point where two bones meet
  8. osteoporosis
    softening of the bone
  9. arthritis
    group of diseases that involve the inflimation of the joints
  10. olecranon process
  11. acetibula
    sockets for leg bones
  12. steps for a emergency
    check- call- care
  13. cycles of compressions and breaths
    30-c 2-b
  14. one breath every....
    3 seconds
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