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  1. Muhammed
    The founder of Islam, From Mecca. Ran a caravan business. An angel spoke to him while he was meditating in a cave.
  2. Mehmed11
    ( the conquerer) Ottoman leader who conquered constantinople.
  3. Akbar
    d Mughal leader who united the MUHGAL EMPIRE because he was TOLERANT
  4. Janissaries
    Fierce warriors. slave soildiers in the ottoman empire. when they became muslim (after being christian) they were better soldiers.
  5. Abu Bakr
    First leader of Islam after Muhammed's death.
  6. Qur'an
    Holy book of Islam guidelines for Moral behavior.
  7. Hadith
    The written record of muhammed's words and actions. Basis of the sunnah.
  8. Shariah
    the basis of Islamic law, comes from the Qur'an and sunnah
  9. Islamic Law
    the Qur'an and the sunnah form the basis for Islamic Law
  10. 5 pillars of ISLAM
    Five acts of worship required of all muslims
  11. Oasis
    Wet fertile area in the dessert
  12. Polytheism
    the belif in many gods
  13. Islam
  14. Jihad
    the inner struggle people go through in an effort to obey god, and obey in the islamic ways.
  15. Mecca
    The most holy city of islam
  16. Sunni
    Muslims who believe that the caliph does not have to be related to muhammed, as long as they are good leaders.
  17. Shia
    Muslims who think the caliphs have to be direct descendents of Muhammed.
  18. Shah
    The title used by Parisian kings.
  19. Patrons
  20. Nomads
    people who travel from place to place.
  21. Calligraphy
    decritive writing.
  22. Tolerance
  23. Mosque
    building for muslim prayer.
  24. Caliph
    Title given to Islam's highest leader.
  25. Minaret
    • 1. common feature of muslim achetecture
    • 2. where muslims are called to prayer.
  26. Pilgrimage
    Sacred Journey
  27. Kaaba
    most sacred place where muslims went to honor gods , It is now the most sacred place for Muslims.
  28. Ramadan
    a holy month in Islam
  29. Location of the arabian penninsula
    the southwest corner of asia
  30. Why is arabia considered "the crossroads"?
    d trade routes linking AFRICA ASIA AND EUROPE pass through it.
  31. Muhammed's story
    because the rich merchants ignored the plight of the poor, he went off to meditate. he went to a cave, and while he was meditating an angel spoke to him, " there is one god, ALLAH, and Muhammed is his prophet."
  32. Caravan
    a group of traders that travel together
  33. The most important factor for the spread of Islam
    Conquering non-muslims
  34. Reason the Muhgal Empire ended
    their tolerant religious policies changed, and the people revolted.
  35. How did empires expand?
  36. How were Ottomans and Muhgals simalar?
    They were both blends of different cultures.
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