Fundamentals Into and Vital signs

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  1. Define Impairment
    Specific alerationsin anatomical physiological or psychological structure or function
  2. Define Functional Limitation
    • Restriction in the ability to perform at the level of whole person task in the "expected manner"
    • Cant move sit to stand or supine to sit
  3. Define Disability
    Inability to engage in age specific gender related goals
  4. Three modes of teaching
    • Visual
    • Auditory
    • Kinesthetic
  5. FITT
    Frequency, intensity, type, and time (duration)
  6. Problem Solving Process
    • indentify the problem
    • develop potential strategies to solve the problem
    • analyze all potential strategies and choose one that seem best
    • implement
    • Evaluate the outcome
  7. Safety considerations
    • adviod mental errors (check indentity 2-3 ways, read Dr and PT eval., ask questions)
    • handwashing
    • Space related equipment/ task (move things out of the way. make enough room to work)
    • Adequate view (exiting or entering hall or room, corners)
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Clear floor space (litter, rugs)
  8. Heart Rate
    • 10 sec X6
    • Normal 60-100
    • Strength Strong/ weak
    • Regular / irregular
  9. Blood Pressure
    • Normal 120/80
    • Above 140/90 hypertension
    • systolic goes up with exercise
  10. Respiratory Rate
    • take for 30sec
    • Normal 14-20
  11. O2 Saturation
    • Normal 95%-100%
    • Less than 85% person needs to rest
    • Some pathologies may decrease the persons O2 sat.
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