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  1. constellation
    a group of stars that form a pattern in the sky
  2. satellite
    an object that orbits a more massive object
  3. space station
    a satellite in which people can live and work for long periods of time
  4. lander
    a craft designed to land on a planet's surface
  5. probe
    a spacecraft that drops into a planet's atmosphere
  6. impact crater
    a round pit left behind when an object strikes the surface of a larger object in space
  7. flyby spacecraft
    space mission in which a spacecraft is sent out to pass by one or more planets or other bodies in space without orbiting them
  8. astronomy
    study of space including stars, planets, and other objects in space
  9. astronomer
    a scientist who studies space including stars, planets, and other objects in space
  10. cosmology
    study of the large-scale structure and history of the universe

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