Vocab List 5

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  1. Acuity
    sharpness (mental or visual)
  2. Braggart
    someone who boasts
  3. Debunking
    exposing false claims or myths
  4. Epitomized
    typefied; characterized; personified
  5. Hidebound
    rigid in opinions
  6. Languish
    decay; fade away; get weaker
  7. Obsequious
    servile; submissive
  8. Polemical
    causing debate or argument
  9. Restorative
    a tonic
  10. Thwart
    prevent; frustrate
  11. Adamant
    forceful; inflexible
  12. Brawny
  13. Decathalon
    an athletic competition with ten events
  14. Equivocate
    speak ambiguously; avoid telling the truth
  15. Hieroglyphics
    • 1. picture writing
    • 2. writing which is difficult to read or enigmatic
  16. Larceny
    theft; robbery; stealing
  17. Obsession
    a dominating concern
  18. Ponderous
    weighty; slow and heavy
  19. Retention
    preservation; withholding
  20. Timorous
    cowardly; fearful
  21. Adroit
  22. Brevity
    being brief
  23. Decorum
    dignified, correct behavior
  24. Err
    make a mistake
  25. Hinder
  26. Largess
  27. Obsolete
    no longer valid
  28. Pontificate
    speak pompously or dogmatically
  29. Reticent
    restrained; holding something back; uncommunicative
  30. Tirade
    stream of verbal abuse
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