XHTML Lecture 4 Forms

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  1. What are the tags for forms?
    • <form>
    • First Name: <input name="fname" type="text" />
    • </form>
    • the input tag should always have a name and type.
    • Text should precede the input tag so the user knows what to enter.
  2. Name the input attributes:
    • name="fname"
    • type="text"
    • value="enter text here"
    • size="80"
    • maxlength="20"
  3. List the different "type" attributes available:
    text, submit, reset, image, checkbox, radio.
  4. How do you create a pop-up menu?
    • <select name="prize">
    • <option value="cheese">Cheese</option>
    • <option value= "burgers">Burgers</option>
    • <option value= "xbox">Xbox</option>
    • </select>
  5. How do you create a text area?
    • <textarea name="comments" cols="10" rows="10">
    • </textarea>
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