SU Level 3 Chapter 15

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  1. 부동산
    real estate (agencey)
  2. 에다(가)
    form of to; in ; at; on (not with 가 다 / 오다)
  3. 옮기다
    to move (shift; transfer)
  4. -(이)라고 해서
    even though it is called this; it is not necessarily that
  5. 모자라다
    to run short of; become insufficient
  6. 생활비
    cost of living; living expenses
  7. 적다
    to be few; small amount
  8. 들다 (돈이)
    to cost (money)
  9. -(으)라고요
    -did you say?
  10. 비용
    expenses; costs
  11. luggage
  12. 충분하다
    to be enough; be sufficient
  13. 부자
    the rich; rich person
  14. 학비
    school expenses
  15. 산꼭대기
    mountain top
  16. -근
    counter for amount of meat (0.6kg of meat)
  17. -대
    counter for cars
  18. 이삿짐 센터
    moving company
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