SU Level 3 Chapter 25

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  1. 청첩장
    wedding invitation
  2. 동창
    alumni; fellow student
  3. 한두
    one or two
  4. 도봉산
    Mt. Dobong
  5. -았/었던
    that used to be; was but is not now
  6. 연애
    falling in love; dating
  7. 드디어
    finally; at last
  8. 사귀다
    to get aquianted with
  9. -아/어오다
    to hae been __ till now
  10. 중매
  11. 사실
    fact; truth
  12. 거의
    almost; nearly
  13. 무척
    very; exceedingly
  14. 화가
    painter; artist
  15. 두세
    two or three
  16. 서너
    three or four
  17. 네댓
    four or five
  18. 대여섯
    five or six
  19. 선(을)보다
    see each other with intent to marry
  20. 발전(하다)
    development; to develop
  21. 청와대
    "Blue House"
  22. 콘서트
  23. 국악
    traditional Korean music
  24. 점 (좋은 or 나쁜)
    point (good or bad)
  25. 믿음
    trust; belief; faith
  26. 가정
    home; family
  27. 장남
    eldest son
  28. 차녀
    second daughter
  29. 일시
    date and hour
  30. 장소
    place; spot
  31. 에식장
    wedding hall
  32. 초대장
    invitation card or letter
  33. 동창회
    alumni meeting; class reunion
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