SU Level 3 Chapter 29

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  1. 거울
  2. 농부
  3. 주인
    store owner;
  4. 동구갛다
    to be round; to be circular
  5. 신기하다
    to be marvelous; to be miraculous
  6. 똑같이
    exactly the same
  7. 비추다
    to reflect; to mirror
  8. -(으)로부터
  9. 들여다보다
    to look into
  10. 깜짝
    with a surprise
  11. certain; some
  12. 당신
    you (intimate)
  13. 있는 그대로
    as it is
  14. 확인하다
    to confirm; to verify
  15. 장롱
    dresser; wardrobe
  16. -다니
    you mean to tell me (surprise)
  17. 벌떡
    suddently with a jerk (to spring to one's feet)
  18. 척하다
    to pretend; to fake
  19. 도대체
    what on earth
  20. 빼앗다
    to snatch from; to take away from
  21. 깨지다
    to be broken
  22. 시어머니
    mother-in-law (woman)
  23. mistress
  24. 며느리
  25. 웬일
    what's this about; what matter
  26. 시아버지
    father-in-law (woman)
  27. 몰래
    secretly; in secret
  28. 영감
    old man; one's husband
  29. guy; fellow (disrespectful form)
  30. 못생기다
    to look ugly
  31. 지르다(소리를)
    to yell; to shout
  32. 서로
    each other; one another
  33. ground; dirt; land
  34. 아휴
    ah; dear me; oh my
  35. 아깝다
    to be precious; to be regrettable
  36. 고개
  37. 끄덕이다
    to nod
  38. 담뱃불
    cigarette cherry
  39. 훔치다
    to steal
  40. 생신
    birthday (honorific)
  41. 눈물
  42. outward; external
  43. 도망가다
    to escape; to run away
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