January Vocabulary

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  1. What month is it?
    • January

  2. What season is January in?
    • Winter

  3. What's the weather like in January?
    • Cold.

  4. What can fall from the sky in January?
    • Snow.

  5. What do we start new in January?
    • calendar

  6. What holiday is in January?
    • New Year's Day

  7. How do some countries celebrate New Year's?
    • With a parade.

  8. What happens to kids in January?
    • They go back to school.

  9. What person's special day do we celebrate in January?
    • Martin Luther King Jr

  10. What did Martin Luther King Jr have?
    • A dream.

  11. Martin Luther King Jr wanted everyone to be treated how?
    • The same

  12. Martin Luther King Jr wanted everyone to be what?
    • Friends

  13. When January ends, it's time for what month to begin?
    • February.

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January Vocabulary
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January vocabulary

January Vocabulary
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