Irregular Verbs

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  1. Ouvrir
    To open
  2. Couvrir
    To Cover
  3. Offrir
    To offer
  4. Souffrir
    To suffer
  5. Ceuillir
    To pick, to gather
  6. Acceuillir
    To welcome
  7. Voir
    To see
  8. Croire
    To believe
  9. To see again
  10. Recevoir
    To receive
  11. Prendre
    To take
  12. Reprendre
    To take back
  13. Comprendre
    To understand
  14. Apprendre
    To learn
  15. Dire
    To say
  16. Faire
    to do, make
  17. Aller
    To go
  18. Venir
    To come
  19. Entendre
    To hear
  20. Pouvoir
    To be able
  21. Mettre
    To put
  22. Sortir
    To exit
  23. Partir
    To leave
  24. Voir
    To see
  25. Savoir
    To know
  26. Boire
    To drink
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