Classics Prefixes P.M.

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  1. a-/an-
    not, without
  2. amphi-,ampho-
    both, on both sides of, around
  3. ana-/an-
    up, back, again
  4. anti-/ant-
    against, opposite
  5. apo-/ap-
    from, off, away
  6. cata-/cat-
    down, against, according to, very
  7. dia-/di-
    through, across, between
  8. dys-
    bad, disordered,difficult
  9. es-,eis-
    inward, into
  10. ec-/ex-
    out, out of, outside
  11. en- (em-, el-)
    in, into, inward
  12. en- + anti-(remember to separate them with a (/)
  13. endo-, ento- /end-, ent-
    within, inner
  14. epi-/ep-
    upon, on, to, in addition to
  15. eu-
    well, good, normal
  16. exo- ecto-
    outside, external
  17. hyper-
    over, excessive, more than normal
  18. hypo-/hyp-
    below, deficient, less than normal, somewhat
  19. meta-/met-
    after, change, transfer
  20. para-/par-
    beside, resembling, disordered, associated
  21. peri-
    around, near
  22. pro-
    before, in front of, forward
  23. pros-
    toward, in addition to, fronting
  24. syn- (sym-, syl-, sy-, sys- )
    with, together
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