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  1. Image UploadF
    anterior cardiac vein
  2. Image UploadH
    aortic arch
  3. Image UploadD
    anterior interventricular artery
  4. Image UploadB
    aorta (aortic arch) posterior
  5. Image UploadA
  6. Image UploadU
    apex, posterior
  7. Image UploadN
    ascending aorta
  8. Image UploadK
    brachiocephalic artery
  9. Image UploadB
    circumflex artery
  10. Image UploadJ
    circumflex artery, posterior
  11. Image UploadF
    coronary sinus, posterior
  12. Image UploadI
    great cardiac vein, posterior
  13. Image UploadC
    great cardiac veing
  14. Image UploadR
    inferior vena cava
  15. Image UploadE
    inferior vena cava, posterior
  16. Image UploadE
    left atrium
  17. Image UploadT
    left atrium, posterior
  18. Image UploadD
    left auricle
  19. Image UploadS
    left auricle, posterior
  20. Image UploadJ
    left common carotid artery
  21. Image UploadA
    left coronary artery
  22. Image UploadG
    left pulmonary arter, posterior
  23. Image UploadS
    left pulmonary artery
  24. Image UploadC
    left pulmonary veins
  25. Image UploadH
    left pulmonary veins, posterior
  26. Image UploadI
    left subclavian artery
  27. Image UploadB
    left ventricle
  28. Image UploadL
    left ventricle, posterior
  29. Image UploadG
    ligamentum arteriosum
  30. Image UploadH
    marginal artery
  31. Image UploadN
    middle cardiac vein, posterior
  32. Image UploadK
    posterior ventricular vein
  33. Image UploadF
    pulmonary trunk
  34. Image UploadO
    right atrium
  35. Image UploadR
    right atrium, posterior
  36. Image UploadQ
    right coronary arter
  37. Image UploadE
    right coronary artery
  38. Image UploadO
    right posterior interventricular arteries
  39. Image UploadM
    right pulmonary artery
  40. Image UploadC
    right pulmonary artery, posterior
  41. Image UploadP
    right pulmonary veins
  42. Image UploadD
    right pulmonary veins, posterior
  43. Image UploadQ
    right ventricle
  44. Image UploadM
    right ventricle, posterior
  45. Image UploadG
    small cardiac vein
  46. Image UploadP
    small cardiac veing, posterior
  47. Image UploadL
    superior vena cava
  48. Image UploadA
    superior vena cava posterior
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