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  1. Express specific actions or events completed in the past.
    • Preterite.
    • El fue a la playa.
    • Ella leyo en clase ayer.
  2. Express an action that happened for a specific period of time, even if it happened repeatedly.
    • Preterite.
    • Pase un mes en Toledo y fui todos los dias a la playa todos los dias.
  3. Sums up how people felt, liked or disliked in a particular occasion.
    • Preterite.
    • A mi me gusto Espana.
  4. Expresses someone's reaction or sudden changes in; attitudes, desires, believes, moods, feelings, opinions, illnesses; seen as completed.
    • Preterite.
    • Ella creyo que you era su padre.
  5. Something that happened in a sequence of events.
    • Preterite.
    • Llegue a clase, me sente e hice la actividad inicial.
  6. Ir + a + infinitive
  7. Age - verb (tener)
    • Imperfect.
    • Ellos tenian diez anos.
  8. Time in the clock
    • Imperfect.
    • Eran las dos de la manana.
  9. Date
    • Imperfect.
    • Era el 15 de junio.
  10. Weather
    • Imperfect.
    • Hacia calor.
  11. Place
    • Imperfect.
    • El libro estaba en la mesa.
  12. Description: Emotion, physical, personality, events/settings/things.
    • Imperfect.
    • El carro era azul.
  13. Routine/ used to
    • Imperfect.
    • Mi hermano siempre iba a la playa.
  14. Two things going on or happening at the same time.
    • Imperfect.
    • Yo comia mientras mi papa hablaba.
  15. Describes: Attitudes, desire, believes.
    • Imperfect.
    • Ellos deseaban(wanted) tener buenas notas.
    • Ella creia que yo era su padre.
    • Queria estudiar ingenieria.
  16. What was going on at a particular time.
    • Imprefect.
    • El iba corriendo.
  17. To be(estar) + "ing"(ando/iendo)
  18. What used to happen for an unspecified period of time.
  19. What people, places or things were generally like or to decribe the setting.
  20. How someone felt or what he or she liked or disliked.
  21. When telling a story.
  22. To show that an event or situation in the story had a specific beginning or end.
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