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  1. What tool would you use to test the amount of voltage that is coming from an AC outlet?
    ❍ A. Multimeter
    ❍ B. Voltage detector
    ❍ C. Receptacle tester
    ❍ D. Impedance tester
    A. Multimeter
  2. Which of the following is a representation of potential energy?
    ❍ A. Wattage
    ❍ B. Voltage
    ❍ C. Impedance
    ❍ D. Amperage
    B. Voltage
  3. Which wire when tested should display zero volts on a multimeter?
    ❍ A. Neutral
    ❍ B. Hot
    ❍ C. Ground
    ❍ D. Red
    C. Ground
  4. Which device should you use to protect against power outages?
    ❍ A. Multimeter
    ❍ B. UPS
    ❍ C. Fedex
    ❍ D. Surge protector
    B. UPS
  5. You want a cost-effective solution to the common surges that can affect yourcomputer. Which device would be the best solution?
    ❍ A. UPS
    ❍ B. Surge protector
    ❍ C. Power strip
    ❍ D. Line conditioner
    B. Surge protector
  6. Which of these is an unexpected increase in voltage?
    ❍ A. Sag
    ❍ B. Blackout
    ❍ C. Spike
    ❍ D. Whiteout
    C. Spike
  7. Which device tests multiple wires of a power supply at the same time?
    ❍ A. Multimeter
    ❍ B. Power supply tester
    ❍ C. Line conditioner
    ❍ D. Surge protector
    B. Power supply tester
  8. Which power connector would be used to power an IDE hard drive?
    ❍ A. Molex
    ❍ B. mini
    ❍ C. P1
    ❍ D. P8/P9
    A. Molex
  9. Which of the following uses a 24-pin main motherboard power connector?
    ❍ A. ATX
    ❍ B. ATX 12V 1.3
    ❍ C. ATX 12V 2.0
    ❍ D. ATX 5V 2.0
    C. ATX 12V 2.0
  10. The red wire in a Molex connection is rated for what voltage?
    ❍ A. 12 volts
    ❍ B. 5 volts
    ❍ C. 3.3 volts
    ❍ D. 24 volts
    B. 5 volts
  11. What is the maximum data transfer rate of SATA 1.5?
    ❍ A. 1.5Mbps
    ❍ B. 300MB/s
    ❍ C. 150MB/s
    ❍ D. 1.5GB/s
    C. 150MB/s
  12. Which of these is the delay it takes for the hard drive to access a particular sector on the disk?
    ❍ A. Actuator
    ❍ B. Latency
    ❍ C. Lag
    ❍ D. Propagation
    B. Latency
  13. What should you do first to repair a drive that is acting sluggish?
    ❍ A. Remove the drive and recover the data.
    ❍ B. Run Disk Cleanup.
    ❍ C. Run Disk Defragmenter.
    ❍ D. Scan for viruses.
    C. Run Disk Defragmenter.
  14. How much data can an Ultra ATA/100 drive transfer per second?
    ❍ A. 133MB
    ❍ B. 266MB
    ❍ C. 150MB
    ❍ D. 100MB
    D. 100MB
  15. How many pins are there in a SATA drive’s data and power connectors?
    ❍ A. 40 and 4
    ❍ B. 8 and 16
    ❍ C. 7 and 15
    ❍ D. 80 and 4
    C. 7 and 15
  16. What kind of cable does a floppy drive use?
    ❍ A. 40-pin IDE
    ❍ B. 80-pin IDE
    ❍ C. 34-pin IDE
    ❍ D. 168-pin IDE
    C. 34-pin IDE
  17. What is the maximum data transfer rate of an Ultra3 SCSI device?
    ❍ A. 320MB/s
    ❍ B. 160MB/s
    ❍ C. 640MB/s
    ❍ D. 300MB/s
    B. 160MB/s
  18. In a two drive IDE configuration, drive 0 would be the __________, and drive 1would be the ____________.
    ❍ A. Slave, master
    ❍ B. Cable select, slave
    ❍ C. Slave, single
    ❍ D. Master, slave
    D. Master, slave
  19. What does the x refer to in Compact Disc technology?
    ❍ A. 150KB/s
    ❍ B. 1.32MB/s
    ❍ C. 133MB/s
    ❍ D. 4.5MB/s
    A. 150KB/s
  20. What type of interface does a DVD drive typically connect to?
    ❍ A. PCMCIA
    ❍ B. SATA
    ❍ C. IDE
    ❍ D. SCSI
    C. IDE
  21. What is the maximum capacity of a Blu-Ray disc?
    ❍ A. 700MB
    ❍ B. 4.7GB
    ❍ C. 17GB
    ❍ D. 50GB
    D. 50GB
  22. If a user wanted to write information more than one time to a DVD, which typeshould you recommend? (Select all that apply.)
    ❍ A. DVD-R
    ❍ B. DVD–RW
    ❍ C. DVD+RW
    ❍ D. DVD+R
    • B. DVD–RW
    • C. DVD+RW
  23. What should you do before physically removing a USB flash drive? (Select thebest answer.)
    ❍ A. Turn it off.
    ❍ B. Shut down Windows.
    ❍ C. Format the drive.
    ❍ D. Use the Safely Remove icon.
    D. Use the Safely Remove icon.
  24. How is most solid-state media formatted by the manufacturer?
    ❍ A. As FAT32
    ❍ B. As NTFS
    ❍ C. As FAT16
    ❍ D. As FAT12
    A. As FAT32
  25. What is the main difference between SD and SDIO?
    ❍ A. SD cards are faster.
    ❍ B. SDIO cards incorporate input/output functionality.
    ❍ C. SD cards incorporate input/output functionality.
    ❍ D. SDIO cards can identify a user’s cell phone.
    B. SDIO cards incorporate input/output functionality.
  26. What kind of controller is built into a CF card?
    ❍ A. SATA
    ❍ B. IDE
    ❍ C. ATA
    ❍ D. SCSI
    C. ATA
  27. What is the minimum RAM requirement for Windows Vista?
    ❍ A. 2GB
    ❍ B. 256MB
    ❍ C. 512MB
    ❍ D. 768MB
    C. 512MB
  28. Which file contains information regarding errors during a Windows Vista installation?
    ❍ A. Setuperr.log
    ❍ B. Setupact.log
    ❍ C. Event Viewer
    ❍ D. Unattend.xml
    A. Setuperr.log
  29. Where can you go to find out if your current operating system can be upgraded to Windows Vista?
    ❍ A. MSKB
    ❍ B. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
    ❍ C. HAL
    ❍ D. Belarc Advisor
    B. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
  30. Which versions of Vista have media center functionality? (Select the best twoanswers.)
    ❍ A. Home Basic
    ❍ B. Home Premium
    ❍ C. Business
    ❍ D. Ultimate
    • B. Home Premium
    • D. Ultimate
  31. What is the hard drive requirement for Windows Vista?❍ A. 15GB free space
    ❍ B. 15GB partition
    ❍ C. 20GB free space
    ❍ D. 25GB partition
    A. 15GB free space
  32. Where can you go to find out if your computer’s components are compatible with Windows Vista? (Select the best two answers.)
    ❍ A. Vista Compatibility Center
    ❍ B. MSKB
    ❍ C. Vista Logo’d Products List
    ❍ D. msinfo32.exe
    • A. Vista Compatibility Center
    • C. Vista Logo’d Products List
  33. To avoid SID conflicts when disk imaging, which program should you use inWindows Vista?
    ❍ A. Sysprep
    ❍ B. Setup Manager
    ❍ C. SIM
    ❍ D. Windows Deployment Services
    A. Sysprep
  34. Which of the following are possible ways to install Windows Vista? Select all that apply.
    ❍ A. From DVD
    ❍ B. From CD
    ❍ C. Over the network
    ❍ D. Using Norton Ghost
    • A. From DVD
    • B. From CD
    • C. Over the network
    • D. Using Norton Ghost
  35. What is the minimum CPU requirement for Windows XP?
    ❍ A. 133MHz
    ❍ B. 266MHz
    ❍ C. 800MHz
    ❍ D. 1GHz
    B. 266MHz
  36. Which log file records errors during the installation of Windows XP?
    ❍ A. setuperr.log
    ❍ B. setuplog.txt
    ❍ C. setup.log
    ❍ D. setupact.log
    A. setuperr.log
  37. Which key should be pressed if you want to install a driver for a mass storagedevice during the Windows XP installation?
    ❍ A. F2
    ❍ B. F3
    ❍ C. F6
    ❍ D. F8
    C. F6
  38. What program creates answer files in Windows XP?
    ❍ A. Windows SIM
    ❍ B. Sysprep
    ❍ C. RIS
    ❍ D. Setup Manager
    D. Setup Manager
  39. How much free disk space do you need to install Windows XP?
    ❍ A. 2GB
    ❍ B. 1.5GB
    ❍ C. 650MB
    ❍ D. 1GB
    B. 1.5GB
  40. A small arrow at the lower-left corner of an icon identifies it as what?
    ❍ A. A super icon
    ❍ B. An icon headed for the recycle bin
    ❍ C. A shortcut
    ❍ D. A large file
    C. A shortcut
  41. The sidebar contains _____________?
    ❍ A. Gadgets
    ❍ B. Widgets
    ❍ C. Bracelets
    ❍ D. Icons
    A. Gadgets
  42. What can a user do to cut back on the amount of resources that Windows Vista uses? (Select the two best answers.)
    ❍ A. Increase RAM.
    ❍ B. Use the Classic Start menu.
    ❍ C. Turn off Windows Aero.
    ❍ D. Use the computer less.
    • B. Use the Classic Start menu.
    • C. Turn off Windows Aero.
  43. Which tool group’s snap-ins into one window?
    ❍ A. Computer Management
    ❍ B. MSC
    ❍ C. MCC
    ❍ D. MMC
    D. MMC (Microsoft Management Console)
  44. When you open Windows Explorer, what folder does it bring you to by default?
    ❍ A. Computer
    ❍ B. Network
    ❍ C. Documents
    ❍ D. Recycle Bin
    C. Documents
  45. How can the Run prompt be opened? (Select the two best answers.)
    ❍ A. Pressing Windows+R
    ❍ B. Pressing Windows+Run
    ❍ C. Clicking Start and typing Run
    ❍ D. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc
    • A. Pressing Windows+R
    • C. Clicking Start and typing Run
  46. What would you type to open the Device Manager in the Run prompt?
    ❍ A. MMC
    ❍ B. secpol.msc
    ❍ C. CMD
    ❍ D. devmgmt.msc
    D. devmgmt.msc
  47. Where is the best place to get a driver for a video card?❍ A. CD-ROM
    ❍ B. USB flash drive
    ❍ C. Manufacturer’s website
    ❍ D. Microsoft’s website
    C. Manufacturer’s website
  48. Which command opens the System Information tool?
    ❍ A. devmgmt.msc
    ❍ B. compmgmt.msc
    ❍ C. winmsd.msc
    ❍ D. msinfo32.exe
    D. msinfo32.exe
  49. Which tab of the Task Manager tells you about the total usage of the CPU?
    ❍ A. Performance
    ❍ B. Processes
    ❍ C. Networking
    ❍ D. Processing
    A. Performance
  50. Where can a user go to start and stop services in Windows Vista? (Select all that apply.)
    ❍ A. msconfig
    ❍ B. Task Manager
    ❍ C. Computer Management
    ❍ D. Command Prompt
    • A. msconfig
    • B. Task Manager
    • C. Computer Management
    • D. Command Prompt
  51. Which file is used by the operating system for virtual memory?
    ❍ A. swapfile.sys
    ❍ B. pagefile.sys
    ❍ C. pagingfile.sys
    ❍ D. virtualfile.sys
    B. pagefile.sys
  52. Which command should you use to stop a service in the Command Prompt?
    ❍ A. spooler stop
    ❍ B. network stop
    ❍ C. net stop
    ❍ D. stop
    C. net stop (and the service name)
  53. Which power management mode stores data on the hard drive?
    ❍ A. Sleep
    ❍ B. Hibernate
    ❍ C. Standby
    ❍ D. Pillow.exe
    B. Hibernate
  54. Which tool enables a technician to move user state data from within the command-line?
    ❍ A. Windows Easy Transfer
    ❍ B. Elevated mode
    ❍ C. USMT
    ❍ D. FAST
    C. USMT (User State Migration Tool)
  55. What is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE considered to be?
    ❍ A. A Registry entry
    ❍ B. A subkey
    ❍ C. A string value
    ❍ D. A hive
    D. A hive
  56. When users invite a technician to help repair their computer, what is this called?
    ❍ A. Remote Desktop
    ❍ B. Remote Assistance
    ❍ C. RDP
    ❍ D. Remote connectivity
    B. Remote Assistance
  57. Where is NTOSKRNL.EXE located?
    ❍ A. C:\Windows
    ❍ B. C:\Boot
    ❍ C. C:\Windows\System
    ❍ D. C:\Windows\System32
    D. C:\Windows\System32
  58. Which of these is the boot loader for Windows Vista?
    ❍ A. BCD
    ❍ B. Bootmgr
    ❍ C. NTLDR
    ❍ D. Boot.ini
    B. Bootmgr (Windows Boot Manager)
  59. Which command creates a directory?
    ❍ A. CD
    ❍ B. MD
    ❍ C. RD
    ❍ D. Chdir
    B. MD (Make Directory)
  60. Which operating system enables you to extend volumes?❍ A. Windows XP
    ❍ B. Windows 2000
    ❍ C. Windows Aero
    ❍ D. Windows Vista
    D. Windows Vista
  61. Which level of RAID uses two disks only?
    ❍ A. RAID 0
    ❍ B. RAID 1
    ❍ C. RAID 5
    ❍ D. Striping
    B. RAID 1 (mirroring) uses two disks only.

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