SU Level 4 Chapter 28

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  1. 찬성하다
    to approve; to agree
  2. 야하다
    to be showy; to be flashy; to be gaudy
  3. 야단이다
    to raise an uproar; to be clamorous
  4. 엄청나다
    to be exorbitant; to be excessive
  5. 상영하다
    to show (a movie)
  6. 일리가 있다
    There is some truth in that; There is an element of truth
  7. 금지하다
    to forbid; to prohibit
  8. 간섭하다
    to interfere; to intervene
  9. 저질
    low quality
  10. 취급하다
    to trade in
  11. 상업적
    to be commercial
  12. 토론하다
    to debate; to dispute
  13. 주장
    insistence; opinion
  14. 입장
    position; place
  15. 싸구려
    cheap goods; poor quality
  16. 애완동물
    a pet
  17. 장난감
    a toy
  18. 대담
    an interview
  19. 범죄
    a crime
  20. 마약
    a durg; a narcotic
  21. 자살
  22. 지나치다
    to exceed; to go too far
  23. 출생
  24. 주인공
    a hero; a heroine
  25. 낳다
    to give birth to
  26. 산부인과
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